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Paper Waste Management Stafford

Here at Stafford Waste our goal is to keep the environment clean and healthy by encouraging competent waste handling procedures. Our team members are environmental and waste management experts who seek sustainable solutions for the environment. All over the world, paper is an indispensable item.

At Stafford Waste, we are not in the business of stopping paper production; rather, we offer a solution to allow the waste produced by the pulp and paper industry to be properly and legally disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner at an affordable cost. Additionally, we recycle the majority of the waste that we handle. Get in touch with us right now by calling 0800 211 8410.

What is Paper Waste Management?

Paper waste management is the practice of decreasing or eliminating paper waste so that paper is not used inefficiently or thrown away. Waste paper is collected for the purpose of recycling it or producing other products, such as cellulose insulation. By preventing paper waste, we can reduce it in an environmentally friendly way. The fibers of paper can only be recycled so many times, so even if all paper were recycled, there would still be a need for paper produced from virgin resources. Both paper manufacturing (which reduces the need for reforestation of our forests) and avoiding paper waste have reduced environmental impacts. 

Stafford Waste offers paper waste consultancy and paper waste management services to address your business’s waste stream and recycling needs. We’ll conduct a waste audit for you as well as provide you with wheelie bins to store your waste in. Your company’s image, credibility, and environmental impact all benefit from managing paper waste responsibly. Call us today and we’ll make this a reality for your business.

A lack of effective waste recycling, reusing, and disposal of paper waste is also detrimental to your customers and employees. This is why it is essential to deal with a company that can create a waste management system that fits your organisation like Stafford Waste. Your business will benefit from Stafford Waste’s  comprehensive waste management services, which can be tailored to meet both your individual needs and compliance with the laws.

How is Paper Waste Recycled?

The recycling of paper is the process of turning waste paper into new paper products. The system has a number of noteworthy advantages, including protecting homes from waste paper infiltration and avoiding the release of methane from decomposition.  Waste paper is commonly recycled by breaking it down with water and chemicals. A second process involves breaking up the cellulose strands into a slurry, which is then heated to further degrade them resulting in a slurry called pulp. It is squeezed through screens to remove any remaining plastic (especially from paper coated with plastic), then it is washed, de-inked (ink is removed), bleached, and mixed with water. 

Benefits of Recycling Paper Waste

Recycling of paper has been practiced for many years. Since the dawn of time, paper has been a recycled product. Over the first 1,800 years or so that paper has existed, it has always been made from recycled materials as well as virgin materials. Recycling paper helps to conserve natural resources, save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and liberate landfill space for non-recyclable waste. 

One ton of paper recycled can save 17 trees, 26497.88 litres of water, 1439 litres of oil, 2.8 meters of landfill space, and 4,000 kilowatts of electricity — enough to power the typical household for six months — as well as one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions.

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