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Stafford Waste Management

Stafford Waste Management is one of the UK’s fastest growing waste management companies, serving the Stafford area and much of Staffordshire itself. We try our hardest to not only satisfy your wishes when it comes to what resources you desire for your business or establishment but we also try to do it in the most environmentally-friendly way available to our respective disposals. Please visit the Contact Uspage to find out any more information you need.

What We Do

At Stafford Waste Management, we offer a complete, integrated waste management service. We plan to decrease the amount of time, effort and money you spend handling your waste. Delivering a top quality service, promoting sustainability and effective cost management are at the forefront of everything we do. We work with businesses to;

– Increase sustainable waste disposal

– Manage all waste types under an individual contract

– Reduce the internal cost and hassle of handling waste

– Reporting to monitor performance and present environmental credentials to stakeholders

– Teach and promote environmentally sustainable behaviour and processes

– We typically achieve recycling rates of 75-95% by diverting the great majority of waste away from landfill and other costly disposal courses.

How We Do It

Our unique model centers around the type and quantities of waste that every customer is capable of creating. We then develop and execute a tailored waste management strategy made to meet particular needs and aims. We engage with the key stakeholders in your company to improve your environmental performance and decrease the volume of waste that goes to non-sustainable disposal courses. This ensures that any unneeded or uneconomical spend on disposal is removed.

We join the very best combination of abilities to deliver a complete waste management service, irrespective of place or requirements and we can cater for almost any waste. We manage the whole service, providing one point of contact, one contract, one monthly invoice and one source of reporting.

Whilst our service and methodologies will operate across any company type, Stafford Waste Management has identified several sectors that needed a slightly different approach or particular knowledge in order to most efficiently fulfil their needs. We are proud to lead the way in waste management in the automotive, home-based and hospitality industries. We consider our knowledge of the these sectors and how best to fulfil their needs is unsurpassed in every part of service.

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